Amanjena — ‘peaceful paradise’ — is located just outside the ancient city of Marrakech, on the southern road to Ouarzazate, the gateway to the Sahara Desert.

The Atlas Mountains decorate the horizon; Amanjena is the stop-off for their climbers.

Past fields of corn and orchards thick with olive trees, the mountains hide several gems: ancient mosques, Kasbahs, lively Berber villages. Winter snowfall is great for skiing, while summer sun brings picnickers lunching at high altitude.

At the foothills and in the surrounding countryside, the farms, dirt trails and picturesque scenery provide scenic wanders that can lead further into the wild or towards the vibrant souks, squares, palaces, and craft shops of Marrakech.

Wherever you’d like to go, Amanjena offers guided excursions by foot, bike, or private car.

Set within an oasis of palms and olive trees, its Moorish heritage is reflected throughout: in the pisé-walled resort, in the luxury fine leather pavilions that radiate out from an ancient basin, echoing the style of a sultan’s palace.

Green, the colour of royalty, nature, and abundance, gilds Amanjena, too: its lawns and vines, its emerald-clay roofs, Moroccan marble fountains and the dazzle of hand-cut, glazed tiles, or zellij.

Immediately alongside Amanjena, there’s the 27-hole Amelkis championship golf course. There’s also varied dining, a two-storey library, boutique, spa, swimming pool, and tennis courts.

The Agdal, Menara, and Majorelle gardens are filled with olive tree groves, flowers, palms, cactus, and bamboo.

The village of Essaouira is nearby, with its bright white walls and vivid blue shutters and doors, its ancient harbour, thuja-wood craftsmen, fish carts, and Portuguese forts.

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